Open sourcing GRNET's Ceph tools

I’m not afraid to say that I really like Ceph. It’s one of the first distributed systems that I got in touch with and I really enjoy working and providing useful services with it. But as all large and complex systems, it tends to get quickly difficult to perform operations on it. For that reason, my team invested some time and wrote a bunch of useful tools that we use in order to manage our Ceph clusters.

I’m happy to announce these tools are open-sourced by GRNET and can be found on Github. For now, this repo includes check_mk health checks for Luminous, some Ansible playbooks and a lot of scripts that we used while provisioning our new clusters. We also informed ceph-users about it, in case someone will find these tools useful.

For the record, this repo is my first piece of Free Software :)

Take a look if interested!